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Liftopia operates the largest online marketplace and resort technology platform serving the mountain activity industry. On, skiers and riders can purchase lift tickets, equipment rentals, meal vouchers and more from more than 250 ski areas in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Liftopia full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The pay is below average and raises are rare (and inconsequentially small). The team is relatively flat, so the only opportunities for growth and promotion are for junior-level employees and temp-to-perm hires. Turnover is extremely high and staffing is consistently an issue with it taking months and months to backfill positions. In that vacuum, utility staffers get stuck with 3 different jobs, are overworked without additional compensation or promotion, get frustrated and leave, perpetuating the turnover cycle. The "open" vacation policy was rolled back to "at your manager's discretion" vacation, which makes it difficult for those utility employees to actually take time off, which speeds up employee burn-out. As a ski company, Liftopia is still (somewhat) ahead of the ski industry, but as a tech company it is more than a decade behind industry standards. No one wants to reinvent the wheel and tech debt is a constant impediment. Leadership is reactionary and rarely based on research or strategy. Culturally, if you are not a die-hard skier or snowboarder, it can be a difficult place to thrive. The downside of the For-Skiers-By-Skiers mentality is that the company (internally and externally) struggles to speak to, and provide value for non-ski-fanatics. While the ski industry is a great club, it is still a small and exclusive club. The business is ultimately a seasonal one with all the peaks and valleys that go along with it. The leadership continually struggles to break out of seasonal cycles. Growth and advancement is extremely limited."


"I worked at Liftopia Cons: It's tough to work for a company that cares more about their office perks then their paying customers. The product has a bunch of loop holes in it, that translates to disgruntled customers."

Current Employee - Customer Support says

"I have been working at Liftopia full-time for less than a year Cons: Rough scheduling - 10 day stretches in a row, etc. Policies shift and things are not always clear. They will definitely do their best to wring every ounce of work out of you and leave you exhausted. Paychecks were incorrect multiple times over the course of 100 days. Promises of advancement unfulfilled. No benefits for support positions."

Dan James says

"Screw liftopia. I buy a ticket and take time off work and spend 50$ gas to drive down to the ski resort after waiting a month for my day of snowboarding. I camp out the night before and show up and they are closed. Nobody notifies you or updates on whether they are closing for whatever reason. I got a refund for it but I can't get reimbursed for my time or gas spent. Which was even more money than the lift ticket itself!! Liftopia customer service are the worst service I've experienced in my life. I expect to be contacted for my waste of time taking time off of work to drive 2 hours to snowboard and I can't even snowboard. This is a horrible company and they just sell tickets without actually having any information on the resort. Crooks like everybody else here has said."

Barb L says

"Somehow I managed to get on their website to buy lift tickets at the end of 2018 for a March trip to Big Sky MT. Our trip was canceled due to Covid and I could not get a refund. I just looked on their website and Big Sky is not on their list of tickets. Diana from Liftopia told me that "I could be creative in getting my credit used, by finding a friend of family member to use it" I didn't see the disclaimer until after I hung up that they can not be transfered to another person. Fingers are crossed I find a creative way to get my credit back. Lesson learned NEVER to use a crap site like this one."

Brian Toner says

"DO NOT USE LIFTOPIA! Liftopia and its customer service is atrocious. I purchased two 2-day passes to Jay Peak for March 2020. The mountain closed early due to COVID-19 and we were issued a credit. We are now trying to use this credit for Jay Peak again in 2021 and the mountain is not available on their site. I requested a refund since they have virtually zero options to use the credit this year and they refused. I've also read of Liftopia potentially being forced into Bankruptcy because they are not paying the mountains."

Peter says

"i purchased a 3-day lift ticket only to discover that the resort had shutdown 5 hours prior due to the coronavirus. Therefore, at the time of purchase, the product did not exist in the first place. I was issued a $150 credit to liftopia, and was left to dispute the charge with my bank. Never again!"

Aaron says

"Absolute crooks. Their buggy website sold me date-specific Homewood tickets for Saturday, March 14th at 10:03 PM on Saturday, March 14th. The tickets were never valid, from the time of issuance.

On March 31st, they sent me an email saying they'd reviewed my case and would issue a refund. They never issued the refund, and on April 7th, they went to quite a bit of trouble to write a 7-page letter to Chase's dispute department, contesting the disputed charges. I've already spent an hour waiting on hold with Chase to discuss the dispute, and I've faxed the email trail to Chase. Unfortunate that Chase didn't bother to compare the timestamp on the credit card transaction with the date-specific lift tickets, or I'd be less frustrated and certainly be spending less time on the phone with these people.

Based on the other recent reviews, it looks like we might have a class action here. Not that there's going to be much money left in the company, but the least we can do is put this dumpster fire of a firm out of our misery."

Marbles says

"Booked tickets for Diamond Peak through Liftopia only for the the resort to close for the rest of the season hours later. Rather than offer a refund they give you a credit for next season - not much use for us as we're visitors from the UK.
All of the big resorts provided full refunds for day tickets but not Liftopia. No doubt they will refer to the booking T&C's but come on Liftopia these are unprecedented times and your approach is bad for your business PR. Just look at all the reviews on here.
Cheaper tickets? Yes. Will you ever get your money back if there are any issues? Probably not!"

Justin Roberts says

"I have been and up until today was a huge supporter of Liftopia. Every time I have used it in the past it was great. As of today I will no longer be a customer. I purchased a 3-day pass to use at Arapahoe Basin. Due to the closure of all mountains in CO due to COVID-19 I was only able to use 1-day. I reached out to the resort and was told that I would have my refund in 10-14 days. After waiting two weeks and not seeing a refund in my account I reached back out to customer support at Arapahoe Basin. They assured me that my refund was issued on 3/31 just 5 days after my initial request back to Liftopia. Upon learning this I reached out to Liftopia to inquire as to the whereabouts of my refund. I was informed by customer support that a "credit" had been issued, to be used at a later time. Liftopia does spell out on their site that they do not issue refunds, do transfers, or allow you to cancel your tickets. However if the mountains are willing to refund the unused tickets Liftopia should be issuing refunds to their customers. Overall this experience has left a terrible taste in my mouth. I am very disappointed in Liftopia for choosing to hold peoples money in a time where people are so desperately in need of every dollar they have."

Linda McKean says

"Dissapointing response to Covid-19. Solitude Resort is giving ticket refunds for early closing due to Covid-19. Because ticket was purchased for Solitude through Liftopia, no refund will be given, only credit yet they say in their blog they are following resort policy. I have used them for 4 years with no problem but have never had to cancel. This is poor customer service."

Steve Wagner says

"First and foremost: for everyone who's struggling with Liftopia's customer service, simply dispute the charges with your credit card.

I won't reiterate what everyone else is saying regarding their poor customer service because it's not actually their fault. It is actually their P.O.S. CEO Evan Reece's fault. Instead of doing the right thing during a time of crisis, Evan directed all accounts to be frozen and issued credits when money is what people are needing right now during this pandemic. Well unfortunately this horrible decision is backfiring since they are going to lose all credibility and we will NEVER use their services again. The icing on the cake is how horribly Evan Reece and the rest of Liftopia's C-Suite "professionals" are laying off their employees. History will not look down upon your decisions kindly."

Rob says

"Crappy company. Bought tickets with them for 3 days on Whiteface and then Corona hit closing our BORDER and the mountain. Their response? No refunds just credit because "I agreed that all sales are final". JUST TERRIBLE. Buy direct, it'll save you from dealing with these crooks."

Jack D says

"Bad business. Had a group of friends planning to take a trip to Colorado from the East coast. When Corona hit, we were able to get fully refunded for our VRBO and the tickets we bought directly from the resorts, but liftopia could only refund in "credits."

That would be fine if the group of us lived nearby and could reuse them but at this point, we would have to plan a completely different trip in order to get our money out of it. Cannot recommend. Definitely try & buy tickets from the vendors instead."

Cam Earle says

"issued credit when they were unable to complete their part of the transaction. would not use again"

Sharon Chuipka says

"Purchase tickets for snow tubing at a resort paid for the tickets and realized it was for skiing tried to get my money back from Liftopia That is like pulling teeth they first told me that they would check to see if the tickets have been used and reimburse me and now they’re saying unless I can show that I purchased other tickets snow tubing they will not refund my money what a horrible horrible company and I never want to deal with them again"

Antonio Carlos Zulino says

"This is a scam company. Careful to use them. I just lost more than US$ 500. I used their website and bought lift ticket for Lift to Aspen and they sent to another resort. I tried ask them to change the location and they keep telling me, it is no-refundable and nontransferable. But was their site fault and mine mistake. Strong alert to be far way for this company."

Shauna Peterson Beck says

"Poor customer service. Life happens and there should be some leeway. I will never purchase from liftopia again. Especially when I found out the "discount" tickets would have been the same price had I bought them directly from the resort.. at least on that specific day. Wow... really? ."

Johnnny Coshway says

"Don’t ever buy the insurance for your lift tickets the insurance company is a scam... I came down with the flu right before our ski trip so I was unable to attend… To get my insurance claim filed they want to doctors note… I’m already out $140 for the lift tickets and now they want me to go spend another hundred dollars on a doctors note so they can MAYBE refund my money ... :("

Lord Prismo says

"Bad business not doing any refunds"

Mike Wales says

"after calling the bank and explaining to them what cheating blanks they are at liftopia I got my money back, but from my bank first .the world would be a better place with out companys like them."

Mike Wales says

"Liftopia will burn in hell along with anyone that works there for screwing up my grandkids Christmas"

Mike Wales says

"To bad there’s not a zero star rating ,anyone that has a good experience with these rip off blanks must be on drugs. Good business is more than just keeping people’s money when it should be refunded.there should be a mother blanks rating and they would easily get 5 stars"

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